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Rlly 3 years ago
Can’t believe I came to this smh
Ya boi 3 years ago
Can’t believe iron man died
3 years ago
If my wife's bff was encouraging her to cheat, I'd tell her she's not allowed to be around my wife anymore. And if my wife actually did it, I'd publicly cheating slut shame her. That's what every cheater deserves.
Anonymous 3 years ago
Hardly a stranger it’s her fucking husband the limp dicked fucker
Tomfoolery 2 years ago
Everyday we stray further from god
3 years ago
Fake tits
Wow 3 years ago
He handed the buff the cam and he fucked her.... not a stranger.... still nice
Big Jake 2 years ago
She wouldn’t say no because of the implication
Anonymous 3 years ago
Anyone know what song is playing at 1:18? It's a techno song without lyrics
Bruh 3 years ago