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Wth 5 years ago
Y'all white people sometning else
Damn 5 years ago
When you bust a nutt then you feel ashamed of yourself
Not rape 6 years ago
This definitely isn't rape. Some people just love the abuse. Whether it derived from rape, I don't know. This isn't rape though.
Uhh 5 years ago
F up 2 years ago
Why would you do this??? Why would ANYONE do this?
Gal 2 years ago
Someone tell. Me. Why they slap her ass
1 year ago
Fuck you why you sex like this
2 years ago
what the fuck is this
3 years ago
If this turns u on fkn kys
Just 7 months ago
Please treat her good...
As human, we watch porn but don't want them to be harmed except for some mother******....rapi*t..